Students across the world invest glorious years of their life in studying and after all their hard work and dedication, they are validated one day as graduates in a particular field of study, Schools and universities are always on the lookout for creative options to make this day memorable for the students. Purrple Orryx as the leading event planner has garnered the required expertise in planning and executing a flawless graduation ceremony.


As your event planner, our team works on event decor, stage design, fabrication,  furniture rentals, entertainers, sound system, photographers, giveaways,.etc.


Organising a graduation ceremony is a difficult task  as a lot of elements are to be placed for successful conduct of the event. Our service deliverables for the successful conduct of a graduation ceremony include venue set up/decor, entertainment/artists, furniture rental and arrangement, lighting and sound, memos/giveaways and more. Get a free obligation quote from us to organise a graduation function at  +971551035775 or email:

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The common factor in planning and managing an event is Creativity. Event planners must be remembered for consolidating awe-inspiring and brilliant imagination for making the event more remarkable. Purrple Orryx aims to deliver pioneering event production with all-inclusive skills, dedication, commitments, experience and hard work.

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