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5 Tips for an Enhanced Social Media Presence

Updated: May 1, 2018

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The advent of Internet came about like 20 years ago and social media took the storm forward not more than a decade ago. Business owners have taken to social media in order to reach out to their customers but before we knew Facebook and Instagram, traditional media outlets such as TV, Radio and Newspapers were considered as the only source of credible information. In order to reach these mediums, people depended on press release and interview. Both these sources are great tools but words of one person can be easily misinterpreted by another. This does allow the business less control on the way they are perceived by their audience but with adoption on of new media, owners are today armed with the ability to communicate with their audience directly, therefore providing with lots of control.

The social media is one powerful tool that every company who wishes to put themselves out to the targeted audience. Since our inception, we have tried to connect best with our audience. We have used live updates, videos, newsletters, regular updates on our social media channels. The society today is always curious to learn something new and we understand how important it is to deliver classified information. Blog, work updates, updates on website is a full time job in itself and not an easy task. It can all get a bit overwhelming, especially when your main priority is to deliver projects, delight clients and generally keep everything running smoothly. To be clear, I am in no way suggesting that I’m writing this blog as a social media expert.with required marketing experience I do know a thing or two about what’s really important. Here, I provide a few tips and tricks to help avoid the social media goofs ups done by us at some point of time.

1). Social Media is Important but not the main ‘FOCUS’

The social bubble is very enticing and believe me it gives me good amount of joy to sit by my table with a cup of coffee, scrolling through my Instagram feed. To be sucked in the social bubble is very easy but to remember working for the aim of the company is more important than scrolling your news feed. As an event organiser, your primary aim should be developing your business, meeting new people, increase your sales and growth of your client base. Social media is an important tool to showcase your brand and work but it is not all.

2). Be Clear on what you wish to showcase

The most easiest part of social media presence is to sign up on various platforms and start posting. Before you start with this, you should have a clear plan for what you wish to achieve, your target audience, what do you wish to convey and what should be their reaction. The answer to all these should be in no case I’m not sure. You should think about the points mentioned above before diving in the social media stream.

All your posts online should be clear about your brand identity. You should know the rules, do’s and don'ts of every platform to be able to use each to the best of it’s extent. Consider things like appropriate updates for each channel, tone of voice and what you want your social media content to say.

3). Be the Best in What you Do

Something is always better than nothing is the best saying you should practice online. You need not go ahead with heated head ready to fire away with your posts and updates. If you can post only once or twice in a month, it should be okay till the time the posts do not stray away from your the tagline of your brand. Apart from posting updates about your work, you should focus on building a quality audience over the period of time. Most of the times, we have seen a brand with not so much praise for their work and little updates has humongous number of followers. Something doesn’t quite add up. I’m not saying it’s the case every single time, (they might have an incredibly engaged audience), but likely they’ve indulged in a little shopping spree for likes and followers.Post on social channels but only meaningful stuff which should not confuse your audience and lower the name of your brand. You are the boss and best judge of how important is social media for your business.

Another Thing to keep in mind is to identify the social platforms that will enhance your work and are most required. Just because a new social channel comes and everyone is hoarding up on it, doesn’t mean you have to jump the bandwagon too. Focus more on the channels that are correct and profitable for your business, focus only on one or two to start with. Adding another channel is just one more thing to think about, so don’t stress. An empty social media account, or one that hasn’t been updated in months leaves a bad impression.

4). Don’t get Distracted by Others

Your idea of being an event planner is not going to be rare and the creative solutions will also be not too unique, therefore you are always going to face competition. While scrolling through the posts of your competitors, never get distracted and think why i did not do that, what if i would have done that and more such what if’s. Don't get distracted but definitely learn and improve your further strategies. Have confidence in your own abilities and the quality of your offering.

5). Avoid the dead zones

As Social Media has grown quite strong in the last decade, the managers of these channels have also changed their working techniques. All the channels, be it Instagram, Facebook., etc offers insights to business owners. These insights help you to understand what posts work best for you, which update engaged the most audience, what are the best times to post and more. Don’t make it even harder on yourself by posting during quiet times.


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