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There is no skepticism that Business in the UAE is quite competitive, so, you can’t think of leaving an opportunity. When it comes to competing in an exhibition, every bit of your presentation has to be extremely impressive.

So, If you’re planning to participate in a trade show for expanding your brand awareness, you’re in the right direction. Though the idea of portraying your brand in front of a large audience seems quite exciting, its implementation would need top-notch efforts to sustain the idea.

But how would you do that? Firstly, the basis for good exhibition participation is the exhibition stand, that stands out! An exhibition stand that will make a statement and create a strong identifiable presence for your brand.

Next, who would help you to get an unusual exhibition stand? Well, your real work starts in finding a company that has experience in designing an innovative and visually striking exhibition stands. You are representing your brand, can you get it designed from an amateur? I don’t think you would take that risk. Hence, choosing a Professional Exhibition Stand Company would be the best choice. Let’s see some key benefits of choosing a Professional Exhibition Stand company.

  1. They have qualified designers who are well aware of the trends, technology, and innovation. Expert designers will provide unique and excellent ideas that will take your presentation to the next level.

  2. Quality of material matters the most. These companies have absolute knowledge of all the materials. They select one which is ruling in the market and can transform your exhibition display into exactly what you want it to be. On the contrary, a low-quality material will make the exhibition stand look inferior that would destroy the standing of your brand in the market.

  3. Professional exhibition stands provide convenience & cost efficiency if they are reused. Stands created using quality materials and branded professionally can be reused easily.

So, from these points, we can conclude that Professional design is a recipe for the success of your exhibition stand. Now, could you guess who can design it for you?

Purrple Orryx - Premier Exhibition Stand Builder in Dubai, UAE.

Established in Dubai, Purrple Orryx DWC LLC has an enviable track-record delivering a faultless professional service with fantastic value. For more than five years, we have been serving international and local clients with flexible & professional services covering everything from concept designs and physical construction to full assembly and delivery.

Our unbeatable creativity, holistic approach, and passion for excellence has been loved by our clients. Do you know what makes us special? Our ace designers. Their determination is inspiring. They create designs that facilitate live communication and customer engagement for our clientele that inspire, engage and move the audience to take action. Our designs overwhelm our clients and customers as much as they do to us.

In this collage, the pictures on the top are our 3D stand design structures and below are the real images from the exhibitions. Could you find any difference? I can bet you can’t. This ain’t enough, there is more to it. We have designed versatile stands, have a look at our wide portfolio to know more.

It’s not just about design but the way our designers approach. Our process begins by understanding the client’s needs, industry and target audience before designing and producing their design concept.

The elements, graphic design or structure is not imperative but crafting a holistic presence that draws attention and leaves an everlasting impression amidst the cluttered and crowded exhibition.

The exhibition stand is your business card to achieve growth opportunities for your business.

Better make it count!

What are you waiting for?

Our fascinating EXHIBITION AND EVENT design services will help your brand stand out in the marketplace and would create a remarkable image in the eyes of your customers. Trade fair gives an honorable opportunity to grow your brand. To make the most out of it put your best foot forward. Now you know how you can achieve that exactly. Hope this blog provides you a reasonable knowledge about the value of an exhibition stand and we are here to help you.

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The common factor in planning and managing an event is Creativity. Event planners must be remembered for consolidating awe-inspiring and brilliant imagination for making the event more remarkable. Purrple Orryx aims to deliver pioneering event production with all-inclusive skills, dedication, commitments, experience and hard work.

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