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What are the Benefits of Hiring an Event Planner?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

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Event Planning and Management is a sprawling business all over the world and their services are being hired by not only organisations and brands of all sizes but individuals as well. Most of the time, when hiring an event planner, people are heard asking the question, why should i hire them when i can do it myself? The answer to this is simple, maybe you can gather all the elements for the event but will you be able to achieve and deliver your expectations from the event. In other words, Would you install your electrical when you are not an Electrician?

Event Planners are a group of super organized people with a flair for creativity along with having skilled coordination, logistics and management of all kind of events, be it social or corporate. Venue selection, budgeting, event marketing, publicity, vendor coordination, transportation, accommodation, floor management, red carpet, creative design & décor, stage set-up, AV and production etc. are just a few of the aspects of an event which an event planner is tasked with managing.

While I agree, there are some extremely organized people out there with an eye for detail, and creative flair, who may manage to pull it off, there are a number of things you need to consider when choosing to do it yourself. Some of the major benefits that come along with choosing an Event Planner for your events are:-

Save Money

Most of us think hiring an event planner will cost us more compared to if put it together ourselves. What we fail to realize is that Event Planners are skilled professionals who have a long time built trust and relationship with venues, speakers, decor company’s, rental facilities, AV companies, production, photographers, etc. This is bound to get them more discounts compared to if you went talking to them. Professional event planners have vast experience when it comes to areas where costs can be cut, therefore actually saving a client money.

Weaving Dreams to Reality

The job of event planners can be simply described people who make dreams come true. It is their job to take visions and weaving together with elements to make it a successful reality. In a simple way, event planners do not look at events at another feather to add in their cap but as someone’s long time dream and how they have to bring it to reality. Trust a corporate event planner to turn your ideas into a successful party for you.

Aesthetic Beauty

Most of us or better all of us do not know the best way to place chairs or how a certain colour will affect the theme, mood of the guests, which drapes to use?., etc. When an individual plans an event, he/she more focuses on technical details of the event such as, How many chairs should there be? What food should be served? A professional event planner, on the other hand, is trained to understand that a great event looks and feels great. Apart from the technical details, event planners also focus on aesthetic details which an average person will definitely overlook.

This way guests know they are somewhere special even if they don’t fully understand what gives them that impression.

Time Saving

Event Planners take care of all details till the end of an event. Details such as monitoring of guests, food, drinks, music, entertainment, guest safety and all other small details to ensure a successful event. You as the host can place your full attention to the purpose of event and guests as a professional is taking care of all the minute details.

Along with this, a professional event planner will be dedicated to ensuring the event is delivered on time, and within budget, after all that is their job.

Event Marketing

For social events, such as weddings, or birthday parties, there is no need to be concerned about marketing the event. For a larger event, perhaps a corporate event promoting a new product, or a non-profit gala dinner where the goal of the event is to raise awareness, a guest list is a lot different. In these cases there is every need to ensure that the event is marketed effectively to ensure that your desired guests actually turn up. A professional event coordinator will have the relevant tools, knowledge and networks to ensure the event is a roaring success.


The last, and most important, benefit of hiring a corporate event planner is the passion that they bring to your event. Event planning is what they live and breathe on a daily basis, and almost all event planners are incredibly passionate about what they do. This translates to success on your next event.


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