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Services Offered by Event Management Companies in Dubai

Updated: May 1, 2018

According to Several surveys done, Event Management has been regarded as one of the most stressful jobs of 2018. Dubai in United Arab Emirates has been one of the fastest growing metropolitan and most of the big brands have made their corporate offices in Dubai. With the rise of corporate sector, the demand of event planners in Dubai has also increased manifold.

All the brands have and omnipresent requirement of brand recognition amongst the masses at regular intervals along with having interpersonal relationships with their employees and clients. Since the companies focus on their annual growth and targets, the work of planning and executing and events has been outsourced to event planner companies in Dubai. These demands of are regularly met by the event management companies in Dubai with their service offerings. Here you can read in details about the services provided by event planners in Dubai.

Corporate Event Planning

As mentioned above, the rise of corporate sector has led to increase in the corporate events in Dubai. Event Planners across Dubai are devising new ways to plan and execute corporate events such as gala dinner, team building activities, conferences, awards night, exhibition, etc.

With the increase in number of events, clients often come with intractable demands and event companies in Dubai have to find ways to fulfill them. Each event has to be unique in own way with the best of technology, equipment and also maintaining the needs of brand presence for their clients. Apart from planning and execution of events, event management companies in Dubai also do venue sourcing, entertainment, food and menu of the event, guest registration & feedback., etc.

Event planners are above and beyond their limitations to create awe inspiring events, each different and better from the last one done by them.

Furniture Rental

Events just don't happen with clients, their guests and few other elements. One of the most important requirement of event management is furniture. Since each event in different in its own way, the furniture requirements for each are definitely different. Buying the required furniture each time you host and event is not the feasible option as many brands are very regular with their events and execute one every month or two. Event Management companies in Dubai have come up with a solution even for this i.e. Furniture Rental.

Just name it and the event planner make the product available for nominal prices. Be it cocktail tables, VIP tables, VIP seating, Tiffany Chairs, Vintage furniture….etc., you can easily rent it, use it and give it back to them. Hassle Free.. Isn’t it?

AV Rental

The primary agenda of corporate events such as Gala Dinners, Conferences, Exhibition is the showcase of products or services to their clients. These needs can only be fulfilled with state of the art of technology, AV equipment such as LED screens , projectors, video walls etc. Most of the companies invest in such equipment's but with time projectors and LED screens lose their brightness and buying them again is a financial burden for many.

In such scenarios, event management companies in Dubai provide AV equipment's on rent too. Event Planners have a designated technical team to understand the perfect technological appropriate solutions for your event.

Social Event Planning

Corporate Events is one sector of the market and the other one is social events. Socializing and Networking is the need of the hour. People are nowadays so busy that they forget to connect and spend time with their near and dear ones. Events is one good way to help people connect and allow them to mix with each other. Event Planner Companies in Dubai are working hard to ensure that people ‘GET Together and Interact’. Events such as Family Day events, Community Events, Theme Events, Birthday Parties,Reunions, Social Gatherings., etc are very much in trend.


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