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Combination of furniture and lighting with Event Decor

Updated: May 1, 2018

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The future of design and decor for events is 2018 is a mirror reflection of the past. Style which was in trend half a century ago is making a comeback in the industry. We have encountered a few clients looking for 70’s/80’s decor or the retro theme and the whole industry is witnessing the same trend. Furniture in any event is very important as it can make or break the complete feel of your event. Placing furniture in a theme based event becomes more complicated as each every piece of furniture should be in tune with the theme of your event. Read this blog to understand the type of furniture requirements your event will have according to the upcoming design and decor trends.

“Old is the New Gold”

2018 is expected to be the year of gone by but event planners should understand the difference between complete retro and adding a coat of polish to the old. Event design will be focused on what we are calling as ‘Reverse Retro’. It focuses on using the latest technology, audio visual equipments and put it together with the vintage elements. The perfect element to bring out the retro theme of your event is vintage furniture like french bro sofa sets, armchair, coffee tables and more.

“Make your own color code”

The events in 2018 are no longer going to be bright and flashy but will move back to the warm ’70s, bold ’80s and metallic tones. Rich yellows will be the best support in design and ambient lighting will work wonders to increase the grandeur of the event, Golds, metals and warm tones will glow in 2018. Color predictions for the year include bright yellow and lime green, along with berry infused purples.

Some colors have perennial appeal but change of season will see a huge shift in the use of colors. Summers will see more of teal, turquoise, navy blue paired with warm, buttery yellows shimmering with gold fleck. On the other side, designs and concepts infusing a dark feel will warm up the events in winter season.

The best interiors and furniture with such a trend will be complex patterns and textures to give your event a Gentleman’s Quarterly’ mood.”

Are themes the new In ?

Theme events have always been popular with some of the ideas never going out of trend such as casino, gatsby and more. Along with a particular concept framing each element in the event, this year will be all about color and less of black and white.

Clients come back to back asking for similar theme either because they attended some event with the concept or have an underlying flowing idea at the back of their mind for a long time. The challenge an event planner faces at the time of conceptualising an event with a theme is not how to create those themes with a fresh and new twists. LEd furniture with a pop of colors can add a fresh breath in same old theme for your event,

New Table Trends.!!

Gold as a color will be making a grand entry in the event market paving way for the royal table style. More of restaurant quality seating options will be making their way to the events rather than the standard rental options available with everyone in the market. Round, estate tables and furniture banquettes paired with tufted chairs will help the event planner to give an upscale restaurant feel to the decor and will always remain a classic for decor.

Table Accessories

The elements or the centerpiece decoration at the tables will see a paradigm shift and will be delighting guests this year. Greenery will still be the best to go for but it will also be minimalistic. 2018 is the year of colors for the event design but the table top will be more of monochrome and flowers. Instead of mixing the types of flowers used, clients will appreciate an abundance of textures from one color.


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