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Here’s Why you should Host Events Despite Obstacles

Updated: May 1, 2018

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The first quarter of 2018 is almost about to end. What is the status of your event planning for this year? Event Planning and execution is stressful task. It takes huge amount of planning to bring in all the elements together in order to host one successful event. If any of the excuses below are the ones you are making to avoid hosting that event, we are here to provide all the required help. A event planner specializes in removing all the obstacles you face to give you a year full of wonderful events and less of stress.

My schedule is very Hectic

“My job is too time consuming which leaves me with no time to focus on anything else”

You just need to think of an idea, a theme and leave the stress of planning and managing the event to the event planner. The team will ensure to end all your worries with transparent communication. An event planner concentrates on every part and element of your event giving you the freedom and peace of mind to concentrate on other matters.

I don’t have time

Time is something we cannot buy with money. Time has been valued more than money and once gone, it will never come back. The first priority of an event planner is to take care of their client in the best way possible. An event planner will always make sure that their customers never suffer with the pain of event management. A dedicated team to look after each and every requirement of the event be they suppliers, vendors, etc. The team will hunt the venue, design the creatives, upload the theme, get required permissions and permits, basically everything from start to finish.

I have budget Constraints

Spending money is much more difficult than making money. In the current economy, every penny earned is important. Discuss your budget constraints with your event planner for them to work out cost effective ways to deliver your demands.The strength of an event planner is taking intractable client expectations and delivering them in a fixed budget. In order to maintain the loyalty with their clients, they should cut down on their high profit margins and pass on each saved buck back to the client.

I Don’t Trust Event Planners

Bad experiences always leave a sour taste behind. This can be the primary reason behind the apprehension of a client trusting and event planner. Communication, transparency, delivering what is promised, maintaining our reputation along with the client is what the event team should strive to achieve. We work hard but we also work smart. We always strive to deliver best for our clients and increase our client base. Don’t Believe what we say about us but ask our clients.


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The common factor in planning and managing an event is Creativity. Event planners must be remembered for consolidating awe-inspiring and brilliant imagination for making the event more remarkable. Purrple Orryx aims to deliver pioneering event production with all-inclusive skills, dedication, commitments, experience and hard work.

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