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How Venues Affect the Personality of Events?

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

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Consistency is one of the most rewarded qualities on an event planner but the upcoming trends show the demand of fresh, out of box experiences. Customers today are just not satisfied with unexceptionable, standard experiences. The expectations of a client from an event planner has risen to an all time high. Creating a unique experience, every time can be challenging. Choice of Venue is one of the most important factors in event planning. A good strategy for executing one of a kind events is to rely on unique, non-traditional event spaces.

Types of Unique Venues

Here are 4 unique venue options which help to start our creative flow.

Raw Venues

As per the upcoming trends of the industry, raw, industrial warehouses converted & updated as per the event theme have seen a tremendous rise with the clients. A raw venue for an event holds some unique benefits keeping in mind the size and dimensions. It also gives you the space to bring out the creativity to explore and innovate. Beginning with a clean, uncluttered space produces a clear mind, which in turn encourages fresh ideas.

Curated Homes

Professional Designing Services are required in tremendous amount in curating a high end into a n event venue. Villas and Homes as a venue are in high demand in the market with the clients. Smart event planners are turning toward these options as they are unique, stylish, and provide a springboard for further ideas.

As these options are unique spaces, they also provide the clients with a feeling of comfort and intimacy and this will provide more enjoyable event experiences for your guests.

Think Outside the Ballroom

Emerging technology and shared space platforms have created markets and avenues for space options that are outside the spectrum of what event planners traditionally take into consideration when choosing a venue. Standard event spaces sometimes unintentionally lead to situations where guests at each table or section talk with mostly themselves or the other guests seated nearby. Selecting a gallery space, open rooftop, or converted metropolitan apartment will provide an atmosphere that encourages broad socialization, mingling, and discussion. These options are perfect for a networking event, gathering of associates, corporate mixer, or informal meetup.

Pre-Curation Collaboration

People renting out non traditional venue spaces, hold a lot of experience, passion and knowledge in terms of event planning and design. Their experience comes from practice as they have no prior knowledge about the industry but have learned on the field. They always collaborate with event planner to create one of a kind experiences for the clients. Along with having an idea about what has already been done and what is cutting-edge.


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