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Outdoor Furniture Rental in Dubai

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

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The month of sweltering heat is here upon us and people avoid stepping out of their houses for any purpose. This marks loss for the event industry but companies across United Arab Emirates have started to come up with various solutions to turn losses in profits. Outdoor Furniture Rental in Dubai has given the event companies a hope in the off season and boosts the sales during the rocking time of the year. Many clients do not require execution services for their event but just need cheap tables and chair for rent as buying them is not a feasible option for them.

These parties involve gathering of large number of people at one place and it requires tables, chairs along with other furniture pieces .Well obviously, it would be a bit silly if they didn’t and everyone would have to have to sit on the floor. Anyway….if you are hosting a party for guests ranging from anywhere from 50 to 500, you will require Furniture Rental services in Dubai. It may include cocktail tables, chiavari chairs, lounge furniture and more. Many hotels do have their own stock of tables and chairs, but if you are looking for theme specific, hiring is the only feasible option for you.

There are various occasions to look for Outdoor Furniture Rental such as:-

Family Day Events - A day for fun retreat combined with recreational activities if often organised by the corporates for their colleagues and family. A huge gathering of people for one whole day, different kinds of tables and chairs on rent are required for the event. Most clients prefer majestic tables and chiavari chairs arranged in round table setting across the venue.

Garden Parties - Garden Parties are hit amongst the young people looking for get together. Reunions etc. Such parties are usually held in big lawns and gardens rather than hotel ballrooms. Again it would be silly people sitting on the floor and the organizers look for outdoor furniture rental option in Dubai so that the guests can be seated comfortably.. Many event companies list tables and chairs for rent on their website as an add on service.

Fabrication of Outdoor Spaces - The summer months are quite harsh in Dubai and people just cannot afford to sit outside in the blazing sun. As a result many open air, rooftop restaurants lose business during this season. Event companies offering Outdoor Furniture Rental in Dubai have come with a solution for this problem with offering fabrication services. Temporary Air conditioned structures are set up in the open spaces allowing people to sit outside, enjoying the beautiful views, without bearing the sweltering heat outside. It's like bringing the outdoors in.

Gala Dinners - Gala Dinners are very famous with the corporate and companies across Dubai. These events are hosted with different agendas in mind like, sales target meeting, board meeting, discussion, Client meeting or just a simple employee get together.

With such a big event, people usually go for outdoor venues as the guest base is very large again need the outdoor furniture rental in Dubai. Companies nowadays are offering various setups of tables and chairs on rent along with other services, customized stages, branding collateral all in the favour of client.

To Conclude, Outdoor Furniture Rental in Dubai has really picked up pace and is benefiting both the companies and the clients. Those who don’t want to or can't afford full blown execution and conceptualization services of the event planners can get superb experience and admiration amongst their guests with rental of furniture. Event Companies are being benefited in both situations.


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