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Technology- Indispensable Tool in Event Planning & Execution

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

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Technology has become an indispensable part of our lives, it exists with us from the time we open our eyes to the time we go to sleep. For event planners, the use of technology is not limited to their desks and office. With the help of software's, that integrate every aspect of an event from planning to producing to analyzing successes, planners can spend more time on the job aspects that take talent and strategy, such as mingling with attendee VIPs. With technology, planners reduce manual work and improve efficiencies to ensure attendees return for future events.

It Saves Time :- Spare yourself the mundane task of using Excel spreadsheets to track event attendees, creating hand-mailed invitations and name tags, and manually tracking event budgets – which is incredibly time-consuming and not particularly thought-provoking. Event management software's automatically record and tabulate data, giving event planners the time to focus on things worthy of their attention and skill.

It Cuts Out Human Error- To Err is to Human, spreadsheets are not magic the date tabulation will be done with the formulas entered by humans. Even the most meticulous planner is bound to make mistakes if they have to spend hours on a mundane sheet. Software won’t.

Automating detail-oriented tasks means you don’t have to worry about typos, math mistakes or anything of the sort.

It Enables Success After the Event- Feedback of the event attendees is one of the most important tools for the event planners to assess the success of their work. With the help of software tracking of attendees RSVP, event planners will exactly know who attended the event and who didn’t. Therefore, the blunder of asking feedback from someone who did not attend the event will be negative.

It Lets You Focus on the Event While It’s Happening- Registration Desk is one of the indispensable part of corporate events and someone is always required to man the desk at all times. With the required software's, registration and name tag printing will be automated, event planners can easily escape this duty and oversee the other details for the smooth functioning of the event.

It Lets You Cater to Your Strengths- Maths and Numbers are not everyone's forte and this is where software's can come to help. The correct event management program will eliminate the need of the event planner for number crunching and display all data neatly with absolutely no need to do a single calculation.

It Keeps Track of Your Guests- Apart from planning and smooth execution of an event, planners are required to have the complete insight about the complete flow of the event. A customer relationship management (CRM) platform can be useful not only for recording RSVPs and confirmed attendees, but for keeping notes about those guests.,for example, what a speaker’s keynote will be about? That kind of data can be recorded in a CRM system for easy reference and recollection.

It Provides Insight For Next Time- Event Management Softwares helps you to collect data which can be built as an insight for future events. For example, if the software shows that RSVP’s from possible attendees were higher than the people who actually attended the event, it is one area where the event planner need to place their focus on before planning their future events. Those insights, in turn, boost the success and profitability of future projects.

It Makes Your Job More Fun- Simple, because planning the entertainment is far more enjoyable than printing out 500 name tags.

An event planner has a lot of work to be done already spread on their plates and definitely all is not fun. With the help of right technology and correct software's, event planners can do away with the boring tasks find the time to focus on what matters. Not only will that boost efficiency and make life easier, it will produce better, more profitable events.

So go ahead – embrace technology once and for all!


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