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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Imagine this you are attending a lavish event happening in a tent. Yes, you heard it right. Not a routine venue but an event inside a tent. To expand your imagination, think of a royal tent structure like you usually see in the movies, the entire setup is no less than a dream, the structure is completely decorated with lights and other beautiful props. Doesn’t it sound unusual? something that you would love to experience.

Well, I believe that any event can happen with a mesmerizing tent setup. Let me just put it like this, I want to expand your ideas about the scope of tents and its use for different purposes. Perhaps! that’s what this blog is all about. Besides, you’ll see our elegant tent catalog in the later part of the blog. So, happy reading!

Tents and its Lucrative Applications


Be it a lavish wedding, a gala dinner, a corporate event or a festival celebration, any event can happen in a tent. You can't imagine, how tents can simply add a touch of class and a real buzz to your private event. Be it an indoor or outdoor.

Although outdoor events take a little bit more skill than indoor ones. Obviously, the grass terrain, wind, and potential rain deserve extra consideration. Therefore special tent structures are installed to avoid any uncertainty. Tents are way more amazing than one can think.


It’s quite a pain to organize/host an outdoor event in the summer months. All our plans hit rock bottom because of heat. But, this is no excuse to avoid organizing events outdoor. When there is a solution to every problem and in my knowledge, the best one is to hire tent services of tent rental companies.

These companies have a wide variety of tents that can fit into your needs. Strong A/C instilled structures with elegant furniture set up and decor don’t even make it look like a tent. So, no more compromising on your next outdoor events.


During summers in the UAE, outdoor areas lose their charm due to hot weather. Restaurants and hotels lose a great number of visitors due to this. Well, it doesn’t mean you really don’t have a choice here. Apparently! Tents are ideal to extend the capacity, to accommodate the increased demand and to keep the revenue stream up during summer months.

Tent rental Companies offer custom tent setups for your restaurants, construction spaces & venues. You won't suffer anymore because of the sun but gain only. Convinced? Well, there is a lot more to tent rentals in Dubai.

So, these are some of the applications of the tents. I'm not bragging but I can literally add a few more points to it. Although, application of the tents will be served by the types of tents. So, below are the types of tents that could solve your needs for events and other purposes. Perhaps you can figure out which one will suit your event the most.

Different types of Tents on Rents


As the name suggests it’s Classic. This tent can be used for different events which makes it high in demand. Does your event contain a large number of people? Then you need a setup that can make the use of space most efficiently. The best answer to this is Classical tent, it ranges from a variety of different sizes and facades.


Remember at the beginning of the blog, I was asking you to imagine an event in the royal tent? I was literally talking about this tent. This Royal hall tent is iconic. Nothing can beat the grace of this tent. With its delicate and unique structure, the Royal can be furnished with different accessories that fit all events and needs. It’s known for its spacious interior. A very few tent rental companies have it worldwide.


Don’t just take the name lightly, it’s truly majestic. It’s one of the signature tents as it is used to assist with massive events. The sides of the tent can be partially or fully changed from the selection of sidewall options. This tent reaches a free span of 55 meters with no middle columns. The majestic tent can be used for many events such as weddings, and warehouses due to its size and unique shape.


Al Majlis tent is inspired by the traditional icon of GCC countries. This particular tent has the ability to join its modern and advance components with its' traditional and cultural characteristics. The best uses of this tent can be an extension area for a private house or for different gatherings. The Majlis tent is fully customized and tailored from beginning to end to match the customer’s taste and requirements.


The Dome Tent also ranges from a variety of sizes and facades. its qualities include a variety of colors, different types of doors, and different materials, hence it can be used for different events depending on the request of our customers. Do you know why it is unique? This tent has the ability to stand on its own with no sides required at all. The best uses for this tent is product placement, entry space, or on its own.


Polygonal tents are best suitable for your homes, weddings and other different purposes. These tents are of up to 12 meters in width, without any internal columns. The way it can be customized according to the client desire makes is more in demand.

Summing up, this was all about tents, its applications, and its types. I’ve literally researched that tents are the most affordable, quick, and distinctive enough to excite guests with finesse. I’m certain this blog would extend a great help in expanding your ideas for the scope of tents and its rental services for events. After all, these tent rental companies are there for some reason, probably a good one.

So, would you like to try something unusual the next time?

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