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6 Upcoming Event Trends to look for in 2018

Updated: May 1, 2018

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With the onset of February, we have seen the latest trends emerging in the events market this year. 2017 was all about the excessive use of technology, which is definitely not ending anytime soon. This year it is expected to alter the route a bit with few different elements in the spotlight. In order to stay at ahead in the competition, event planners need to stay updated, test the new strategies and trends.

Let us check some of the event trends to watch for in 2018 which will shape the events industry. In order to know the latest trends that will shape up the events industry in 2018 read the complete post. Compiled here are some of the best trends that event planners will have to watch for to shape their events in the best way in the coming year. Read on and discover what’s hot and happening in every area of events.

Event Personalization for Each Guest

Technology is the new big thing in events now but it just can’t be monotonous. Technology with twist helps the attendees to personalize their experience with the events they attend. Aiming to gather guest experience, we create activities to understand preferences of guests. This helps event planners to curate better events for high impact.

Choice of Venue

Choice of venue to host an event has a huge effect on the outcome of the event. An event venue can be a four-walled theatre, a ballroom or an outdoor garden. In order to create unique experiences for their clients, event planners should take the advantage of the scenic view, layouts or pre-designed stylish venues. Different layouts and views always mean something different but the choice of venues by event planners will definitely reflect the personality of the event.

Localize your Events

Food is not the only thing that decides the flavor of an event. The third emerging trend for events in 2018 is to add a tinge of local flavor to the event. The element could be from the culture, scenery, history,.etc. Adding a local flavor to the event helps to enhance and create a memorable experience for the attendees. Event Planners need to be cautious with local flavor in their events and not overdo it.

Virtual Concept

Virtual Reality (VR) has taken up the event industry by storm with the going 2017. Using virtual reality and other concepts is the new booming tr

end for events in 2018. Event planners can experiment a lot with the VR but before that, it is important they know the difference between Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) and mixed reality.

Virtual Reality is more of real life simulation while Augmented Reality is using computer generated objects on real life surroundings. Mixed reality, well the name is enough to tell that it is a balanced mix of AR and VR. The use of Virtual concepts and technology is very engaging for the attendees and helps your clients to break old barriers in their event.

Let Guests know the purpose of your event

Invitations do mention why someone has been invited to a particular place but the event is required to speak for itself. Attendees need to know the ‘Why’ of the event. The main aim of any event is the message it was curated to deliver.

Event Planners and the client cannot tour the whole venue and tell each guest the purpose of the event. It all depends on how well the event designed by event planners like us drives the perfect message for all the attendees. All eve nt planners know the ins and outs of event planning, designing, management, you n ame it and we can do it. The message of the event should resonate throughout the evening and it should strike the guests as its most memorable feature. Each element present at the event needs to point out the message, the ‘why’ of the event.

For an event organiser, it means to thoroughly understand the requirements his clients have from him. The planners also need to understand the purpose of the event before planning how to execute it. Once we are through with the message, we decide how to deliver it in the best possible way. The guests can be provided with the important information of the event beforehand. Engage the audience with activities that drives them to the purpose of the event and at last feedback counts. Taking an after response from the guests will help you as an organiser understand how well the message of the event stuck with the guests and if there is room for any improvement.

Audience Engagement

Engagement of event attendees is one of the primary and most important purposes an event organiser has to fulfill with execution of an event, In order to engage the guests with the event and make it successful organisers need to come up with out of box ideas for audience engagement activities. It is safe to say higher the audience engagement higher is your mettle for event planning business.


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