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Upcoming SMM Trends of 2019 to Rule Event Industry

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

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Social Media has emerged as a powerful and important tool for anyone who aims to reach out to a particular kind of audience to showcase his/her work. In the event industry, social media plays a key role in generating traffic, increasing revenue and awaken the curiosity of audiences. Most event planners use social media as a major platform to generate audiences for their events.

The primary agenda of events and social media is quite similar to one another, i.e.

  1. To reach the audiences

  2. Distribution or advertising of marketing content

  3. Develop a huge and loyal fan following around a particular brand or service.

In a tech-savvy industry like event planning and management, It is very important or the Moghuls of the industry to stay updated with the latest trends. Here we have provided all the upcoming SMM trends for 2018 which will help in planning and strengthening the social media strategy for upcoming events, basically selling events through social networks.

Mix Offline and Online Strategy

With the evolution of markets, the combination of offline and online marketing strategies is one the best way to create a lasting impression on the audience’s mind. Experimental Marketing clubbed with a strong social media campaign will help the event planners to garner maximum audience.

The offline and online marketing strategies should work in collaboration together for the best results. Content or suitable arrangements at physical booths like photo booths, props to use for the guests to capture moments and share on social media platform.

The social media team of your company should be abreast with the latest fad among the target audience and identify moments of similar interest in the event to share it on the social media platform. They should also create a pre-buzz before the event and also be ready with the required hashtags to make it more trending or viral.

Bring the Influencers On-board

Having some influencers for your event is regarded as one of the strongest social media tactic for 2018. The presence of an influencer is critical in social media marketing, but as event planners you should know the time to stop it. Just use them for a brief moment and use the wave created by them for a successful event.

Hard Selling Might Not Work

With the advent of innumerable companies in the market, the audience has got immune to advertising tactics and sales campaigns. Since there are so many options available in the market, they know when they have to turn away from them. Hard point to point might makes the audience lose interest in the product or service over time. For e.g., An event company doing really good market puts up posts related to his/her services and at the same time, coerces viewers to call or contact. Rather it should educate your audience about your work and it should be so good that when they have to plan an event, your pictures and work should pop in their mind forcing them to get it done from you.

Provide Meaningful content, trigger enthusiasm, exclusivity and scarcity. Social Networks are special only for creating demand and giving limited supply so that audience is left longing for more. The gradual introduction and relationship building, without hard selling will yield more conversions.

Post More Stories

Sharing of stories on social media platforms will remain a big thumbs up even in 2018, especially in the event industry, it will be more dominant in Instagram and Snapchat. Since posts can reach way down in the feed and audience can fail to notice it whereas stories feature right at the top and according to surveys, users tend to watch stories more rather than scrolling news feed.

Stories are a powerful medium to connect with your audience and leave a lasting impact on their minds.

Make Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is a collection of picture worthy moments from a very successful event. Posting a video on your social media channels is one of the very important marketing strategy for event planners to look out for in 2018. Live check ins and videos is also another important upcoming trend to watch out for.

Try to invest in tools that allow you to stream on Facebook, Periscope and Instagram. Sync multiple live-streaming platforms at the same time and maximize your live presence by having one stream for all of them.

You can also ask your attendees to give their views and feedback of the event and post the same in stories, it will have an edge over hand written ones.

Increase Engagement through Brand Presence

Big brands are like magnets for audience. Presence of strong brand will enhance enhances your event’s image and helps in attracting the attention of the audience when promoted on social media. The brand engagement is increasing as more consumers are mentioning a brand while sharing their personal accomplishment on social media. Events provides a direct connection point to the interested audience to network with the brand.

In conclusion

Social media provides tons of opportunities for event planners to connect with their audiences, develop long term relationships, increase communities, distribute good content and build a brand. The shifts in social media trends are quick and staying ahead of this trend is imperative. Before following any trend, quality should be given preference than quantity for better social networking. Think wisely, experiment and choose what works best for you.


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