Birthday Party, Social Gathering, Family/Colleague/Friends Reunion, family days, community events and more.


Social events are exciting and fun. Putting together a good party requires a lot of creativity and an ability to plan, organize, and coordinate. Planners must be very

detail-oriented. As an event planner we always design and deliver exciting and memorable events. Social events expect an event planner to be creative and come up with concepts. It holds emotional attachment for clients as they are celebrating something very dear to them and we take it upon us to satisfy our client's need and make the event a success.

A fun filled day retreat event organised by employers for their employees and families. People working in same firms get together with their kids and families to enjoy a day packed with games, activities and more. It is a perfect way to bond between each other. 

Neighbours shouldn't be strangers! We organise the best community events across UAE and help you to know the people you live amongst.  

What is a party without entertainment? Get your dose of entertainers at the next event from us. Let us make your next event “FUN”. 

Theme Specialists any one?? We are here to help you live the bygone or the future.  Be it the Sixties theme, Gatsby theme, futuristic theme or a kid’s theme party, we are ready for all.  

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The common factor in planning and managing an event is Creativity. Event planners must be remembered for consolidating awe-inspiring and brilliant imagination for making the event more remarkable. Purrple Orryx aims to deliver pioneering event production with all-inclusive skills, dedication, commitments, experience and hard work.

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