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  • What about ventilation for space? Would we be able to allow smoking?
    We can provide sufficient Exhausts for ventilation if required. Smoking permission needs to be acquired by the client with the relevant authority.
  • Are DCD-approved sprinklers included in the proposal?
    It is customer's responsibility to get Fire Alarm System incorporated along with an exit sign from your approved supplier who would have installed this system for your restaurant so it can be connected to the main DCD system. This is something not in our scope and needs to be done by a certified company with DCD.
  • Is the DCD approval included in the proposal? What about fire extinguishers?
    This varies from venue to venue, by default, the structure does NOT come with DCD certificate Fire Retardant (FR) treatment for the material used. FR certification will incurr additional costing based on the final requirement and measurements. We can also provide fire extinguishers at an additional cost.
  • What will happen to the structure after the rental / temporary usage period is over?
    Once the period is over, we can dismantle the structure and store the metal frame in your designated location in Dubai. Please note we do not offer storage services. The Poly Carbonate Sheets/Glass Panels are assessed for damage or wear and tear during the removal. The metal frame can be repainted complimentary for rust proofing for one additional year if you choose to re-install the structure next year using our services again.
  • Can we reuse the structure next year?
    It can be re-installed partially. The cost will be lower as the metal frame would be with you already. If needed, we would need to replace the Poly Carbonate Sheets/Glass Panels for re-installation. The cost of re-installation can only be determined based on the option you choose and after dismantling to assess the material condition.
  • How will I control the temperature of the structure?
    You will need an AC or Cooler to temperature control the structure. We can do AC however it will be outsourced to another vendor as we do not stock AC units inhouse
  • Masking during production work?
    We have not incorporated any cost for branded masking boards to hide the construction work during setup. Based on the requirement, it will be an additional cost
  • What about Technical Drawings?
    We will provide the elevation drawings and diagram of the structure (if required) once the project is approved/confirmed with 50% advance payment or a 5,000 AED + VAT (non-refundable fee). Certified Engineer Drawings like Wind load calculation, Weight Load calculation, Method statement, Risk Assessment, Certifications are NOT included and will require additional cost based on project size.
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