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Corporate Services

Activation is a full turnkey process, to engage customers with client’s brands, products and services. It begins with establishing an overall marketing strategy and concludes with creating awareness and interaction. Product Activation is similar to Product Launch however it involves more engagement and runs for a much longer period of time. Sometimes days or even weeks or months. Mall Activations are also another type of event where Malls like to conduct activities and setups to guarantee a steady flow of foot traffic, and allow a consumer segment to be targeted directly.

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Spectacles by Snap Inc -

Product Activation

The client came to us for Spectacles (by Snap Inc.) activation launch. We designed a concept to mimic the actual product on a larger scale with round LED screens. The idea was such a hit that the client hired the entire activation for one week instead of one day as initially planned. Activation took place in Virgin Megastore, Dubai Mall (World's Largest Mall).


Argo Tea -

Brand Activation

Argo tea drinks are inspired by creative mixologists and intelligent nutritionists. The client came to us for their new product launch. Our concept was to focus on the product and keep the environment light. It was a tea cafe and we included some fun activities to engage the visitors. 

Waterfront Market Mall -

Mall Activation

Mall activations creates striking impressions. Purrple Orryx helps various malls create custom booths, display stands, pop-up stores and podiums, to surprise and delight visitors by making it more interactive, creative and engaging  We were approached by The Waterfront Market to create a fun and bright experience for the occasion of Festival of Lights to attract and engage visitors and enhance footfall. 




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