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AV & Lighting

Audio Visual Services

Audio Visual and lighting is a very important step for a successful event. Audio Visual Equipment such as LED Screens, Projectors, video walls, sound system, and lights are some of the elements that can help to set your event apart. Each event type demands a different type of lighting setup. Our AV equipment and play with technology assist to awe your guests at your next event. Our technical team is well versed in understanding and recommending appropriate solutions for your event.

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AV & Lighting

Importance of  Lighting

Lighting plays an important role to define the vibe of an event, and we are not shy about using bright bold colors of lighting. The lighting of the event turns out to be a mood booster for the Audience. Furthermore, lighting up using wireless uplighting options is a great way to place various types of lights throughout the venue. Lighting also helps accentuate various decor elements of the location, in style 

AV & Lighting
Peikko Event

Impact of the Right Sound and Screens

Our inventory stocks all the latest equipment in trend for the industry and will be provided as per your needs to make your event a grand success. Better sound equipment and screen quality improves communication by heightening the awareness of your audience's sight and hearing. It engages audiences more effectively and efficiently and audiences remember those events for a longer period of time. 



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