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Fabrication Services

Corporate Services

With experience of over 10 years in fabrication, We have expertise across industries and geographies. Once we understand the client's objective rest everything is done in harmony to make the event successful. This part is done with our trusted vendor who understands the detailing and makes it perfect for the venue.

Importance of Fabrication in Any Event: Fabrication is basically an outstanding blend of lights and fabric to give an event a spellbind visual effect. Fabrics can give your event space a touch of magnificence, layer, depth, vivid texture, and vibrant colors. Reflecting light off different fabrics really makes all the difference.  A dash of bright colored lights brings us to the next point.

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Teleperformance -

Office Launch

In 2019, for the official Teleperformance office launch in Dubai, the team delivered a unique viewing journey. From concepts; to design, setup, audio-visuals, fabrication and complete event management. This event was planned down to the smallest detail and executed with style. Having in-house fabrication and design teams that can quickly execute stall ideas is one thing. Getting the support of contractors who can procure licenses for the plans, venue, materials, electricity and more is the main task.

Spectacles - Virgin Megastore, Dubai Mall

The client came to us for Spectacles (by Snap Inc.) activation launch. We designed a concept to mimic the actual product on a larger scale with round LED screens. The idea was such a hit that the client hired the entire activation for one week instead of one day as initially planned. Activation took place in Virgin Megastore, Dubai Mall (World's Largest Mall).

Activation Launch
Grand Opening

Peikko Event -

Grand Opening

Peikko is the Manufacturer and Supplier of concrete connection and Composite Structures Products for Building Constructions in UAE. The Client came to us for launching their new manufacturing unit in Ras Al Khaimah. We managed to turn around the entire production facility into an event space. We created their storage racks into branding identities which was a perfect example of utilising print media in the right way. Our Deliverables were Design, Concept, Print, Installation and more.



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