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Printing & Branding

Audio Visual Services

Printing and branding plays a huge role in any space, marketing collateral or an event. Event Branding is a collection of elements like banners, posters that makes the image of the whole event. Engaging visuals are key to brand recognition and recall value. Printing marketing collaterals for distribution to potential customers help transmit information. Space branding such as offices help create an inspiring vibe and fun atmosphere for employees. It also creates an impact on visiting guests. Our team can conceptualize, design and print as a complete solution to your project.

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Cummins Service Centre

Office Branding

Cummins Service Centre in both Dubai and Sharjah needed a character to bring brightness to their existing bare walls. Our team was tasked with understanding space and brand guidelines to come up with a design concept. The outcome was inviting, engaging and most importantly reflected their brand. Our deliverables included Design, Printing & Installation.

Cummins office branding

O'Pao -

Restaurant Makeover

When opening a new express branch at the In-sports Centre at Al Quoz, Dubai, O'Pao came to us to rebrand the old takeaway corner to suit their new refreshing look to attract walk-in players. From designing the look and feel to the menu and signages was the task assigned to us. We designed, printed, installed as well as added some special effects through lighting and LED Screens to enhance the space. 


Print & Digital Graphic Design

Prrowess by Purrple Orryx is a full-service marketing & design department that focuses on providing a cost-effective solution for digital design and marketing. Our unique design offering coupled with technology creates a concept of unlimited design services. Our unique packages are inclined towards customer ease and productivity. Dedicated real designers work on your designs in real-time and give you the best visuals.

We are a boutique design and marketing firm with expertise in delivering extraordinary experiences to brands. In this digital world, brands require out of the box thinking to engage and build a relationship with their consumers. Our purpose is to comprehend your needs and put your consumers at the heart of our thinking.




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