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Theme and Design

Event Management Services

3D designs have a lot of importance in the creative spheres. The Event industry uses it for converting their ideas into reality through proper planning and development. The designs are generally created with the help of 3D computer graphics which allow the designers or modelers to add new features and details to the object. Graphics play an integral role in showcasing the 3D mockups. 2D and graphics add real-world imagery for clients to visualize the project with utmost clarity. Technical drawings are essential for the execution of the project. We provide these to ensure practical production detailing the materials, structural integrity, and other aspects.

As per Industry Standard for 3D modeling, we use 3dmax, Vray, etc. For 2D and graphics designing Illustrator, Photoshop is used by our designers. And AutoDesk to create the technical drawings.

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Theme & Design



Snap Inc - Spectacles Dubai Mall

The client came to us for Spectacles (by Snap Inc.) activation launch. We designed a concept to mimic the actual product on a larger scale with round LED screens. The idea was such a hit that the client hired the entire activation for one week instead of one day as initially planned. Activation took place in Virgin Megastore, Dubai Mall (World's Largest Mall).

Spactacles Activation launch- theme and design
Fabyland - Project Design

Fabyland -

Project Designs

Fabyland is an indoor play area for kids in the Middle East. When it comes to handling their social media and design communication, our team understands the needs and delivers. We have been working with Fabyland on a retainer and handling their UAE and Oman facilities design work including the website.

Bowline - Brochure Design project

Bowline is a Corporate Gifting Company. The client came to us and they wanted us to design brochures. Designing a brochure for a corporate gift company is fun and challenging. We first understand their products and then work on design representation. The main idea is to make the design attractive to make an impact on their customers.

Brochure Design Project



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