Dubai is an ever growing metropolitan city. As the city grows, the residents have become more inclusive. The latest technology gets them what they want inside the comfort of their homes and the interaction amongst neighbours had reduced to negligible. In order to change the scenario and maintain harmony amongst the occupants of  a residential complex, community events are organised by communities.


Residents of a particular community come together for days filled with activities, entertainment, sound and of course food. We believe that interaction is very important and ensure to incorporate elements which guarantee interaction amongst the guests.

You can call us on 971551035775 or email: to book an appointment with us. We incorporate the maximum number of events in one year for  our clients to ensure our earlier promise of maximum audience engagement. We as the planner and conceptualizer of your events will take of venue  set up, venue decor, sound system, entertainment, workshops for audience engagement, catering, fabrication and more.

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Delhi, India

The common factor in planning and managing an event is Creativity. Event planners must be remembered for consolidating awe-inspiring and brilliant imagination for making the event more remarkable. Purrple Orryx aims to deliver pioneering event production with all-inclusive skills, dedication, commitments, experience and hard work.

Dubai, UAE
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