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Team Building

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Team Building activities are organized by a corporate to build trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Purrple Orryx offers a unique combination of experience and expertise to deliver a fun, memorable event with great team engagement and lasting results. With already existing activities, we also curate customised activities to suit our clients demands.  By strategically harnessing the power of play, we’re able to foster strong, authentic bonds within your organization. Better communication. Better morale. Better teamwork. 

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Team building




Agthia is a leading Abu Dhabi based food and beverage company. Purrple Orryx was given the task to engage their 200 employees for 2 hours during their annual employee meet. We created a custom activity that involved the participation of all and required various activities to be done within the 2-hour time frame. It took a team of 30 to achieve this amazing activity. It involved strategy, physical, mental and team playing ideology. Our deliverables included Activity Planning, Technical Production, Fabrication, Props, Design, Event Management, and Venue Coordination.

Team building activities
cimmins team building

Cummins MEA

Purrple Orryx has been working with Cummins since 2014 and every year at their Annual Gala Dinner we are given the task to engage their 150 guests for one hour with team building games. 5 years in a row we have been curating multiple ideas and games with a brilliant Host to keep the energy high amongst the attending crowd. We have been successful in achieving their objectives that it needs to be fun, creative and get them moving.

Dubai Smart Government

The HR Department of Dubai Smart Government reached us with the objective of instilling working as a team for their office colleagues. We created 8 team activities to enhance and achieve better communication skills,  strategy development, leadership qualities, problem solving abilities and being a team player. End result post the 3 hours that we noticed was better relationship amongst the gathering as there was much more fun and laughter than what we started off with. 




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