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Corporate Family Days

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An exciting corporate family day celebration event makes your employees and their families have fun and collaborate with each other. Purrple Orryx undertakes such projects for a fun-filled and engaging event. Due to hectic schedule, your employees may feel monotonous to work. It is something that affects the performance of the employees. Hence, proper motivation is necessary to make them get united again and work as a team. Purrple Orryx brings themes and ideas to make the event interesting and at the same time full of activities that are effective to facilitate good communication among the employees. 

One that is usually given to a specialized event company like ours. As one of the leading organizers for Corporate events in the UAE, we pride ourselves in knowing what it takes to help people de-stress and have a blast.

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Network International -

Annual Garden Party

Conceptualizing the event involves detailed planning of things like themes, logistics, and final execution, Venue decoration, the setup, fabrication, AV equipment, and activities like which games to be held. No party is ever complete without the right kind of food and entertainment. Network approached us to entertain their employees and their families with a carnival garden theme event. Managing a huge attendance of over 600 guests and 200 children was a challenge. However, when you see happy faces carrying loads of gifts you know it was a success.

employee day theme party
outdoor employee day

Cummins Group -

Employee Day Out

Some of the best Family Day events we ever hosted were done outdoors, on a grand scale, specially the one we organised for the Cummins Employees . Popular activities like the African drum circle got people to learn a new instrument while having fun. Mascots like Mickey Mouse and other famous Disney characters were hugely popular among the kids. We also setup carnival-themed game stalls for the children and adults alike to win prizes.

Bioderma -

Naos Village Awareness Day

Our client approached us to create a family fun day concept for their employees, customers, and their families to promote their Naos Village Initiative. We were challenged to create fun and engaging activities to revolve around activities in a village. Purrple Orryx was successful in creating concepts to engage the guests in village-like activities like catching the chicken, milking the cow, petting zoo, rope the pony, feed the pig, pony rides, and more. In a city life like Dubai, it was a unique experience for all the guests making it fun and memorable.




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