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Employee Day is a more formal and fun event held by any corporate for its event. In Dubai, the corporate tradition of Employee Day is followed by most companies. This is a day dedicated to the hardworking employees and their families. They come out to spend time together, get to know one another, and have a good time. Creating experiences that help with Team bonding is very important, especially in high-pressure jobs.

One that is usually given to a specialized event company like ours. As one of the leading organizers for Corporate events in the UAE, we pride ourselves in knowing what it takes to help people de-stress and have a blast.

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Employee Day Preparations

Conceptualizing the event involves detailed planning of things like themes, logistics, and final execution, Venue decoration, the setup, fabrication, AV equipment, and activities like which games to be held. No party is ever complete without the right kind of food and entertainment. We handle all catering needs for medium to large events on Family Day.

employee day theme party
outdoor employee day

Success Stories:

Some of the best Employee Day events we ever hosted were done outdoors, on a grand scale. Popular activities like the African drum circle got people to learn a new instrument while having fun. Mascots like Mickey Mouse and other famous Disney characters were hugely popular among the kids. We also hosted a carnival-themed event where various stalls were set up with interactive games for the children and their parents.



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